How Many Views to Make Money on YouTube – Best strategies in 2024?

You just started your YouTube channel, dreaming of being tomorrow’s influencer, but you’re asking the tough question about making money.

How to earn money? Even better, to live from it?

Number of views, number of subscribers, video length, audience location: which factors should you consider?

If you’re asking these questions, dear budding YouTuber, this article is for you.

Make money on Youtube.
You just started your YouTube channel, dreaming of being tomorrow’s influencer, but you’re asking the tough question to make money on Youtube.

How Many Views to Make Money on YouTube?

This question everyone asks is actually too soon.

Indeed, before watching your view counter, you first need to join the YouTube Partner Program.

This key first step will allow you to earn money through platform ad revenue.

Access conditions are as follows, you must:

  1. Follow YouTube channel monetization rules;
  2. Verify the program is available in your country;
  3. Follow community rules without any warnings;
  4. Count a total of 4,000 hours of watching on your public videos in the last 12 months;
  5. Have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers;
  6. Create an associated AdSense account.

You can already check the “Notify me when I am eligible” box in the YouTube Studio menu.

When the awaited day comes, you’ll get an email guiding you to request to join the YouTube Partner Program.

Once your request is accepted, if of course, you meet all required criteria, you enter the magical world of monetization.

Now that you are a Partner Program member, let’s talk about the YouTube key figures that intrigue you so much.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn per View?

You start earning money from 1000 views.

Indeed, there’s no billing below.

However, the amount earned varies for each YouTuber.

It will depend on the CPM related to your channel.

The CP WHAT? The CPM, Cost-Per-Mille: the cost for a thousand views.

Soon, this marketing jargon won’t make you blink.

It’s simply the amount paid by the advertiser for their ad to be displayed 1000 times.

Then there’s the RPM, revenue per thousand views: it’s the amount you’ll get after YouTube’s share is deducted, that is, 45% of the total.

You get it, your goal is to generate as many views as possible.

Note that when you integrate an ad into part of your video, it is considered viewed, and therefore counted, from the moment the viewer has watched at least 30 seconds (or watched it to the end if the ad is shorter).

And, good to know! According to InfluencerMarketing Hub, only 15% of your viewers would watch the 30 seconds to the end.

Moreover, if your audience uses ad blockers, it does not make the task easier.

Do not despair, if others manage to monetize their channel, why not you?

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn for 1000 Views?

There is no single, exact figure to answer this question.

Each YouTuber generates a different CPM (cost per thousand views).

Indeed, this value depends on several factors like the audience’s demographics, your engagement rate, traffic source, video length, your content type.

For example, according to the channel Julien business about effective monetization methods on the Internet, “a person who is in gaming will earn less than a person who is in online business.”

That being said, there are averages to give you an idea of the revenue you could claim:

For 1000 views, you could hope to earn between 0.5 and 6 dollars.

Forbes estimates the average at 5 dollars for 1000 views.

However, an influential YouTuber can easily see their channel’s CPM climb up to 20 dollars, which is about 18.73 euros.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn with 100,000 Views?

Similarly, for 100,000 views, it’s unrealistic to think it’s just a matter of multiplying the CPM for 1000 views.

Based on concrete examples:

@EspritAmbitieux, a channel focused on financial freedom, admits to having earned 571 euros for 100,000 views.

@s.v, alias Video Strategy, talks about 191 euros for 107,000 views.

Another YouTuber in the entrepreneurship field, @pierreeliottlall, explains having obtained 500 dollars which is about 460 euros with the same number of views.

Others estimate that for 100,000 views, the gain ranges between 120 and 800 euros with an average of 600 euros. So, we are in line with the given examples!

In all cases, a phenomenon of losing subscriber engagement rate is observed when a channel grows notably.

Viewers indeed tend to want to avoid watching ads, look for short videos, or even lose interest.

Hence the importance of not resting on your laurels and building an editorial plan in the long term not to run out of resources and capture the internet users’ attention.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn per Million Views?

The million! You probably still have a long way to go as you read this article.

To the impossible, no one is bound: the world belongs to the ambitious.

The channel @warketing_co, specialized in marketing trends, states the sums earned by YouTubers who reached a million views with a single video:

Sports channel: @FitnessFusionOfficiel: 935 euros;

Marketing channel: @ThinkMediaTV: 4700 dollars;

Love advice channel: @JessicaOs: 5997 dollars;

Financial advice channel: @SebastienKoubar: 9700 euros;

Financial advice channel: @brownreport: 33,000 dollars.

Therefore, revenues fluctuate depending on niches, but also within the same field.

It turns out to be difficult to give an extremely precise estimate.

On average, you can consider a CPM of 6 euros and thus earn between 1,200 and 6,000 euros for each million views.

If you reach this goal, you’ll probably start thinking about quitting your full-time job to become a full-time YouTuber.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn per Video?

A video with, for example, 1 million views can earn up to 5,000 dollars, according to Forbes estimates.

At another scale, a French YouTuber earns on average 40 dollars, about 35 euros for a video that got 20,000 views.

The more views you have, the more you can hope to earn more money per video.

The number of ads placed on the published content also determines this sum: don’t be afraid to set up more than one ad on your content.

To increase your views, don’t neglect your video metadata: write a clear description with keywords and choose a striking title.

Don’t forget to tag your videos and choose your thumbnail so it catches your internet user’s eye.

In summary, keep in mind the importance of SEO to generate traffic on your channel and thus views.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn per Like?

Zero euros!

Only the viewing of ads on your videos by your viewers is profitable.

However, rest assured, likes are not without interest. They increase your engagement rate and your visibility and therefore logically your views.

Continue to create and share content that pleases your target, it will end up paying off.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn per Subscriber?

Warning, the answer might again disappoint you: not a penny!

You are only paid for the number of views of ads on your videos.

However, you need at least 1000 subscribers to access the YouTube Partner Program and start monetizing your channel.

That being said, you will have more chances of attracting advertisers if your channel has many subscribers.

Moreover, each new video posted will more easily draw new views if you are followed in number.

So, don’t lose sight of the frequency of your posts.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn with 1000 Subscribers?

YouTube does not pay per number of subscribers, but per number of ads viewed on your videos. Of course, in any case, the more subscribers you have, the more your content generates potentially profitable views.

The first step, however, is to pass the 1000 subscribers mark, because then you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

The Holy Grail for any new YouTuber! Indeed, that’s where you can start activating monetization on your channel.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn with 100,000 Subscribers?

From 100,000 subscribers, you enter the big leagues.

As explained before, this number does not automatically generate revenue but influences your visibility.

@pierreeliottlall explains having earned 26,455 dollars in one year.

@DrostVideo says having received 56,349 dollars with 100,000 subscribers.

CreditDonkey, a personal finance information site, based on the monthly revenues of YouTubers, estimated in July 2022 that with an average of 100,000 subscribers, one can earn between 2,400 and 4,000 dollars per month with a pace of two new videos per week.

What are the Other Ways to Eake Money on YouTube?

List marketing ideas related to your activity that you could convert into euros using your channel.

1. Set up partnerships with brands

Why not contact brands related to your channel’s content and propose a partnership?

This collaboration for a project, a video, a product placement can be profitable. It’s up to you to set the contract terms with the brand.

2. Become an affiliate seller

Look at the programs offered by affiliate marketing sites.

You’ll only have to specify in your video description the personalized links redirecting to the product presented in your content.

You’ll receive a commission every time someone clicks on this link and buys the product.

For transparency, always openly mention your partnership or affiliation with the brand in your video, in the description, and in the YouTube settings to avoid having your channel deactivated.

3. Open your online store

Depending on your niche or your video topic, you can create merchandise like personalized t-shirts or mugs, for example, or simply sell your book or your handmade creations.

Now on YouTube, you can add a store directly on your channel to sell your products.

4. Call for donations from your fans

Platforms like Patreon or Tipeee offer community support to content creators.

Thanks to donations, some YouTubers feed their channel and gain popularity.

Who are the Highest Paid YouTubers?

Looking to be inspired by the success of the most watched influencers on YouTube?

Go check out @MrBeast’s account, which has nearly 130 million subscribers in 2023. Thanks to his videos, he would have earned 54 million dollars in 2022.

You just started your YouTube channel, dreaming of being tomorrow’s influencer, but you’re asking the tough question to make money on Youtube.

He started from scratch by posting a 24-hour video in which he counts to 100,000 without interruption.

He diversified by creating several channels: MrBeast Gaming or Beast Philanthropy.

This influencer even went as far as to recreate the challenges of the movie Squid Game in real life.

In second place, boxer Jake Paul won about 45 million dollars with his online matches.

YouTube can also be a real child’s play for some.

Indeed, some YouTubers in the top 10 ranking still live with their parents.

Ryan Kaji, at just 11 years old, accumulates 27 million dollars in revenue in 2022 with more than 34 million subscribers.

His specialty: testing toys.

Something to give you ideas!

It’s up to you to find the concept that will be a hit!

Who are the Highest Paid French YouTubers?

What about the French YouTube landscape?

You’ve probably heard of Squeezie, the YouTuber who first became known with video game videos.

By expanding his range of content with humorous videos, reaction videos, music clips, he is now number one on the platform.

His annual income ranges between 204,000 euros and 3.3 million euros according to the Socialblade site.

For example, he organized a real-life “Where’s Waldo?” game at Paris La Défense with 1500 participants.

It had to be thought of.

And you, what could you invent on the web to make a sensation?

If your thing is humor, why not try publishing humorous videos?

For example, Cyprien’s cup of tea arrives second with more than 14 million subscribers and revenues estimated between 53,000 euros and 858,000 euros per year.

France is waiting for you: get to work!

To Sum Up

As you’ve understood, there’s no magic calculator to give exact and final figures for everyone on YouTube.

We can only stick to estimates on current YouTuber earnings depending on many parameters.

We also advise you to focus on your channel’s content.

Maintain a precise editorial calendar and be diligent by respecting a weekly publication frequency, even better biweekly.

Target your audience and don’t neglect keywords in the description of your videos.

Once you’ve reached a certain number of subscribers, diversify your revenue sources by opening your online store or creating partnerships with one or more brands.

Keep going, you’re riding the right wave!

The key to success on YouTube is perseverance, regularity, originality, and a bit of luck.


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