Selling Hanging Plants on Etsy: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you considering the idea of selling hanging plants on Etsy as a side hustle in 2023? Maybe you’re a passionate plant enthusiast eager to share your love of greenery with the world. Or perhaps you’ve recognized the incredible business opportunity that comes with selling plants on Etsy – a platform where botanical beauty thrives. Regardless of your motivation, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of Etsy, learn how to list, sell, and ship hanging plants, and discover valuable tips to boost your sales. So, let’s embark on this journey together!

selling hanging plants on Etsy
Discover the secrets of selling hanging plants on Etsy. Turn your love for greenery into a profitable venture. Learn how today!

What is Etsy?

First things first, let’s get acquainted with Etsy. Etsy is a reputable online marketplace that welcomes individuals from all over the world to establish their stores and sell an array of items. This platform is renowned for offering a wide range of products, from handmade crafts and vintage treasures to supplies and digital goods.

Etsy’s popularity knows no bounds, with millions of visitors flocking to the site each week. Established in the United States in 2005, Etsy has become a household name, making it a trusted platform for starting your own store.

One notable advantage of Etsy for new small businesses, like selling hanging plants, is its minimal listing fees. Furthermore, Etsy provides a user-friendly help center to assist you in overcoming any potential challenges you may encounter.

As you venture into the world of selling hanging plants on Etsy, one of the most rewarding aspects will undoubtedly be receiving 5-star reviews, testimonials, and repeat business from satisfied customers.

Which Hanging Plants Can You Sell on Etsy?

Before diving into the world of selling hanging plants on Etsy, it’s crucial to understand the legality of your endeavor, as it may vary based on your location. In general, selling most hanging plants on Etsy is legal. However, the specific laws and regulations governing your operation may differ depending on your country, state, or territory. It’s imperative to be aware of these rules and regulations to ensure compliance.

Here are some key areas to research:

  • Your country’s biosecurity laws and regulations.
  • The biosecurity laws and regulations of the recipient country (if shipping internationally).
  • The rules and regulations of your chosen courier company, particularly those related to the transit and delivery of plants or seeds.

For instance, in the United States, there are restrictions on selling and mailing certain plants and seeds, such as herbal drugs and hazardous plant materials like noxious weeds. Detailed information can be found on the US Department of Agriculture’s website.

If you plan to send plants or seeds to Australia, it’s advisable to check BICON. For transactions involving Canada, refer to The Canadian Food Inspections website. And for Europe, Etsy recommends consulting the EU Commission’s website.

Keep in mind that biosecurity rules and regulations can change over time, so even if you’ve checked a particular plant species or seed type before, it’s crucial to verify the latest requirements.

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How to Create Your Hanging Plant Shop on Etsy

Now that you’re ready to start selling hanging plants from home, let’s delve into the steps to establish your online Etsy plant store:

  1. Choose Your Specialty: Decide on the types of hanging plants you’d like to focus on. This could include succulents, indoor house plants, rare bulbs, seedlings, or air plants.
  2. Conduct Market Research: Investigate your competition by thoroughly researching what successful Etsy plant sellers are doing. Evaluate the attractiveness of their listings, pricing strategies, and the tags they use.
  3. Set Up Your Etsy Account and Shop: Creating an Etsy account and opening your shop is a straightforward process. Click on “create shop” and follow the prompts provided.
  4. Define Your Policies: Establish clear policies for your shop, covering processing times, shipping policies, delivery charges, returns, and exchanges. Clarity in these areas will help prevent customer inquiries and disputes.
  5. Craft a Compelling Bio: Your shop’s bio is an opportunity to tell your story and connect with potential buyers. Showcase why you are the go-to plant expert and build customer loyalty.
  6. Set Up Billing and Payment Information: Ensure your billing terms and payment information are correctly configured to facilitate smooth financial transactions.

Pro Tip: Consider using a separate bank account exclusively for your Etsy transactions to streamline your tax records.

How to List Your Hanging Plants for Sale

Listing your hanging plants for sale on Etsy is a straightforward process. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements you’ll need for each listing:

  1. Title: Craft a compelling and informative title that incorporates relevant search terms. A well-optimized title can attract more buyers to your shop.
  2. High-Quality Photos: Showcase your hanging plants with high-resolution, clear images against a neutral background whenever possible. You can include up to ten photos for each listing. Consider including:
    • A close-up of the foliage.
    • A wider shot showing the entire plant.
    • A detailed view of the pot and packaging.
    Pro Tip: Wipe your plant’s leaves with a damp cloth before photographing them to give them a clean, dust-free appearance that will shine in your images.
  3. Category: Assign an accurate category to your listings, as buyers can filter their searches by category. Etsy will provide category prompts to help you make the right selection.
  4. Description: Craft a detailed description of your hanging plant, including measurements, color information, condition, and care instructions. If you’re including a pot and soil, be sure to mention these in your description.
  5. Tags: Tags are vital for driving traffic to your listings. You can use up to 13 relevant tags per item, such as ‘indoor plant,’ ‘plant mom,’ and ‘succulent.’ Choose popular tags that align with your listing.

Bonus Hot Tip: Learn about Etsy SEO (search engine optimization). Implementing effective SEO strategies by incorporating popular plant-related search terms into your title and tags can significantly increase your shop’s visibility on Etsy.

selling hanging plants on Etsy
Discover the secrets of selling hanging plants on Etsy. Turn your love for greenery into a profitable venture. Learn how today!

How to Ensure Buyers Find YOUR Hanging Plants

Attracting buyers to your hanging plant listings is crucial for success on Etsy. Here are several strategies to help potential customers discover your plants:

  1. Leverage Tags: Use tags strategically to connect buyers with your shop.
  2. Optimize Your Title: Maximize the use of relevant search terms in your listing titles.
  3. High-Quality Photos: Ensure your photos stand out and capture the essence of your hanging plants.
  4. Detailed Descriptions: Provide comprehensive and accurate descriptions that address potential buyers’ concerns.
  5. Regular Inventory Updates: Keep your shop fresh by adding new hanging plants regularly.
  6. Harness Social Media: Utilize platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook to promote your Etsy store and reach a wider audience.
  7. Start a Blog: Share your plant expertise and care tips through a blog to provide added value to your customers and drive traffic to your Etsy store.

Remember, you don’t need to implement all of these strategies at once; choose the ones that align with your goals and resources.

Packaging and Shipping Your Hanging Plants

Packaging and shipping living plants require careful attention to ensure they arrive in the same condition as when you sent them. Proper packaging is essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Layer Protection: Start with newspaper or tissue paper to absorb moisture.
  2. Bubble Wrap: Add a layer of bubble wrap around the base and pot for extra protection.
  3. Crinkle Paper: Use crinkle paper to secure the plant upright in its box and cushion the leaves.
  4. Ventilation: Avoid suffocating the plant by providing adequate ventilation in the cardboard box.
  5. Check Shipping Regulations: Verify current shipping regulations to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  6. Complaints Resolution: Clearly outline your complaints resolution process and include a disclaimer on your site. This will help address any issues if the plant arrives in a different condition than expected.

Bonus Helpful Tips and Tricks : Selling Hanging Plants on Etsy fast

While you’re well on your way to becoming a successful Etsy plant seller, here are some additional tips and tricks to boost your sales:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on popular and trending plant varieties to capitalize on market trends.
  2. Top-Selling Plants: Consider adding these top-selling plants to your inventory:
    • Variegated Plants
    • Snake Plant
    • Jade
    • Wisteria
    • Orchids
    • Osmanthus
    • Fuchsia
  3. Leverage Social Media: Share the beautiful images of your hanging plants on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to drive traffic to your Etsy store.
  4. Start a Blog: Share your plant expertise and care tips through a blog to provide added value to your customers and reach a wider audience.


Can I Sell My Hanging Plants on Etsy? Generally, selling hanging plants on Etsy is permissible, but it’s essential to check current regulations in your area, as certain plants or seeds may be prohibited.

Do You Need a License to Sell Plants in the US? In most cases, you do not need a license to sell plants in the US. However, it’s wise to stay informed about current laws and regulations in your region.


Congratulations! You’ve just completed our comprehensive guide to selling hanging plants on Etsy in 2023. Starting a new business can seem overwhelming, but armed with this knowledge, you’re well-prepared to navigate the world of Etsy, select the perfect hanging plants to sell, and establish your shop.

You now know how to create enticing listings, attract buyers to your store, and increase your sales. Nothing stands in your way to achieving your goals of working from home and making money by selling beautiful hanging plants on Etsy!


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